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Heavenly Father, we thank You for the great privilege of being here together. To have our faces hard as flint against iniquity and against the works of the devil; only by Your grace, Lord, not of any pride in ourselves or any boasting in ourselves, because we could go down the tube tomorrow. And well we know it except for grace and mercy, except for foreordination, election, predestination, except for the mercies of this hour. We are only saying this, Lord, because we have faith in what we believe to be the truth that William Branham was the Elijah of this hour to a Gentile Bride; that there was a Shout, which was a Message, to bring a Bride together. And because it has been delivered, we believe the Rapture has already becoming into effect. And people are laughing at the very thing under their noses, and they are turning down the interpretation of the Word of God, the revelation, the realization. But Lord, we realize it, and yet, Father, we confess we don't even begin to realize it the way we should. Where is our sobriety? Where is everything, Lord, that shows who really believes it? Rapture #4